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Very Bangkok: A Subculture Handbook

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Bangkok arrests the visitor with its bewildering juxtaposition of old and new, hi-tech and impromptu, sacred and profane. While modernizing at great pace under myriad outside influences, the Thai capital draws equal vigour from its historic communities, cultural diversity and contemporary urban tribes. The author of 'Very Thai' and 'Time Out Bangkok', Philip Cornwel-Smith takes an alternative look at the subcultures of his adopted town in this practical thematic handbook. With the aid of maps, listings and references, the visitor can engage with Bangkok's contradictory character according to their mood or interest. Explore the city's contrasting environments, architectural fabric, ethnic patchwork and intertwined beliefs. Encounter distinct social scenes, whether hip or hi-so, local or bohemian. See how traditional roots infuse the current Thai flowering in arts and entertainments, fashion and food, lifestyle and spas. Wryly observant photography by Dow Wasiksiri - selected for the prestigious 9 Days in the Kingdom project - enhances this insider's guide to a city like no other.


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