VAUXHALL Wyvern/Velox L cover art

VAUXHALL Wyvern/Velox L

Classic Car

You had to look twice at Vauxhall’s 1948 Wyvern and Velox before its true origins became apparent; for this was a 12/14 model with a different nose and tail grafted on. At the front, the longer wings now incorporated the headlamps and a rear-hinged bonnet plus an Art Deco-ish slatted grille, while the sleeker rear allowed a bigger boot. The lower-class Wyvern had a 1442cc four-cylinder engine while the higher-spec Velox had a 2275cc six-cylinder. Despite the big difference in engine sizes, the gap in power was slight; 33bhp versus 54bhp. These stopgap Vauxhalls kept going until 1951.

VAUXHALL Wyvern/Velox L release date TBA (US)
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The VAUXHALL Wyvern/Velox L release date is to be announced on Saloon.
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