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Triumph Vitesse 2-Litre MkII Convertible Release Date

The classic car Triumph Vitesse 2-Litre MkII upcoming Convertible release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Triumph Vitesse 2-Litre MkII cover art

Triumph Vitesse 2-Litre MkII

Classic Car

Engine revisions left the capacity changed for the MkII Vitesse, but power was up by almost 10%. Thankfully this time Triumph saw fit to revise the rear suspension with lower wishbones, making the handling safer near the limit. Visually, a three-bar grille is the instant giveaway that you’re looking at a MkII. It was a poor seller as people were by now attracted to more modern cars like the identically priced Hillman Hunter (how times change). Convertibles are worth a 50% premium, but make sure you buy a real one. The commission plate should have the code ‘CV’ on it.

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