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Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Classic Car

With a strong background in touring car racing winning it the accolade of BL’s most successful competition car of the Seventies, by rights the Dolomite Sprint should be valued as highly as its old rivals: Alfa GTV, BMW 2002tii or Escort RS2000. But it’s not, which must make it a bargain. Those others may all be two-doors, but the Dolly is the only one with a 16-valve head. Well equipped in street trim, they come with plenty of wood trim, tinted glass, overdrive as standard from May 1975, plus that most 1970s of items, a vinyl roof. With around 400 UK survivors, choice is good.

Triumph Dolomite Sprint release date TBA (US)
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The Triumph Dolomite Sprint release date is to be announced on Saloon.
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