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It’s a contemporary re-imagining of the “Robin Hood” saga, but the setup is as far from the ‘former Crusades soldier fighting tyranny and robbing the upper class of a British forest’ premise as you can get. Here the main character is Adefolke Girabaldi, a half-Nigerian and half-Black American woman who is also an “investing wunderkind,” “trading forecast prodigy” and “activist short seller” on Wall Street. Her bow and arrow? A billion-dollar hedge fund which she uses to eviscerate predatory corporations that exploit the poor. At the same time, she navigates the world of her own family, one at the center of New York City’s black aristocracy where money, privilege, and racism intersect.

Trader Season 1 release date for HBO TBA (US)
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The Trader Season 1 release date is to be announced on HBO.
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