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The Woman Who Stole My Life (Marian Keyes) Release Date

The book The Woman Who Stole My Life (Marian Keyes) is already released on Kindle in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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November 6, 2014Confirmed
November 6, 2014Confirmed
The Woman Who Stole My Life (Marian Keyes) cover art
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The Woman Who Stole My Life (Marian Keyes)


Stella Sweeney is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life with her husband Ryan and their two teenage kids in Dublin. She works with - or really for - her terrifyingly ambitious sister Karen in their beauty salon. Nothing to get excited about here. Nothing to make her particularly unhappy. Or happy... No-one would be interested in stealing her life. But then things started to happen... One day, Stella, attempting a good deed, causes a little car accident and faces down a bad tempered, handsome stranger. She hardly gives it much of a thought. But karma is hovering, and is about to take over, swoop in and change Stella's life for ever. For better or worse. Suddenly Stella has a life. A thrilling glamorous one. A life that other people might start to covet...

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