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The Warfighters Marathon Event

TV Series Season
  • History

History is honoring veterans with a special four-hour Veterans Day marathon event of its original docuseries The Warfighters. The marathon event will be hosted by executive producer Peter Berg (Lone Survivor) and veteran Special Forces Green Beret Bert Kuntz ("The Selection: Special Operations Experiment"). Driven by first-person accounts, the unnarrated series chronicles recent U.S. Special Operations Forces missions in the global war on terror as it gives viewers an inside and candid look at the realities of war. The series is largely made in part by veterans with over 90 veterans participating in the production. The Warfighters premieres with four back-to-back new episodes on Friday, November 11 beginning at 8pm ET/PT.


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The Warfighters Marathon Event release date for History November 11, 2016 3 Months Ago

Release Dates

The Warfighters Marathon Event was released on History 101d ago in the US.
November 11, 2016Confirmed
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