7 Years Ago August 11, 2014 uk

The Virgin Years (1980 - 1985) UK Release Date

The music The Virgin Years (1980 - 1985) is already released on CD in the UK.

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August 11, 2014Confirmed
The Virgin Years (1980 - 1985) cover art
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The Virgin Years (1980 - 1985)


This 5CD box set covers the 4 albums John Foxx released between 1980 - 1985 - Metamatic, The Garden, The Golden Section & In Mysterious Ways - plus B-sides and out-takes from the sessions which have been added as bonus tracks after each original album, and on a fifth CD, Fusion/Fission. The Virgin Years includes a new analogue master of Metamatic , along with re-masters of the B-sides - 'This City', 'Film One' etc. The black box also houses five postcards with the artwork for the singles 'Underpass', 'No-One Driving', 'Europe After The Rain', 'Endlessly' and 'Stars On Fire'.

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