9 Years Ago December 20, 2014 uk

The Mental Case: A Novel UK Release Date

The book The Mental Case: A Novel is already released on Kindle in the UK.

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December 20, 2014Confirmed
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The Mental Case: A Novel


Ansel Largent has been a founder and managing partner of a large Chicago law firm for two decades. He is respected. Ferocious in the courtroom but a winner with the jury. Happy at home with wife Libby, a stroke victim. Happy at the office with Melinda, a married woman with a special interest in him. Ansel has fathered two sons and loves them both dearly. Then Ansel’s law firm is horrified by two shocking crimes: the trust account has been embezzled. $2 hundred million has vanished. And full-partner Suzanne Fairmont has been found dead in her office. Whether her death is a homicide or suicide is immediately disputed. And an even greater shock: Ansel suspects his son David of the embezzlement and wonders if there might also be a connection to Suzanne’s sudden death. It is the ultimate test for Ansel, who above all others in the firm wears the mantle of his partners’ trust. Do you cover up for your child when a crime has occurred? Do you risk your own freedom and reputation for your family, even when you believe deep down it is wrong? Would you forsake it all for your loved one?

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