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Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the impeachment proceedings of former President Bill Clinton, A&E Network will premiere the comprehensive six-part documentary series "The Impeachment of Bill Clinton" from Academy Award and Emmy-winning producer Alex Gibney's Jigsaw Productions and Emmy-winning director Blair Foster. Weaving together never-before-seen archival footage with exclusive new interviews, the series examines the biggest political scandal of a generation and its lasting influence and reverberations on our country. Exploring broader topics including media, feminism, politics and power, the documentary investigates the history leading up to the impeachment trial and chronicles the role each of these forces played in this story of sex, power, money, lies and ideological warfare. Beginning Sunday, November 18 from 9-11pm ET/PT, the limited documentary event unfolds over three consecutive nights and traces the twisted, intertwined series of events that led to the impeachment trial that set the nation on the path towards a more staunchly partisan political system.

The Impeachment of Bill Clinton release date for A&E November 18, 2018 7 Weeks Left (US)
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The upcoming The Impeachment of Bill Clinton A&E release date is November 18, 2018 in the US.
November 18, 2018Confirmed

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