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The Hop Season 1 Release Date

The tv series season The Hop Season 1 upcoming Discovery release date in the USA is confirmed to be 2022 and the upcoming Discovery release date in the UK is to be announced.

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The Hop Season 1

TV Series Season

THE HOP (w/t) gives viewers a glimpse into the underground world of hopping-lowriders, following four elite custom lowrider garages in the country as they evolve their businesses and compete to stay on top. Lowriders have been around for decades - appearing in music videos, movies and TV series that created a new car-culture from inner cities to the suburbs of middle America - but you've never seen lowriders like this. THE HOP (w/t) will follow a loud and diverse set of builders and mechanics as they devote their lives to making their lowrider-builds dominate the world of lowrider building and car hopping. This team will add in super-sized hydraulics, so their custom lowriders launch eight or ten feet in the air. We'll watch their custom cars from building all the way to their trash-talking hop competitions, that can happen at huge car shows - or at a downtown LA street corner at midnight. These garages must juggle the everyday business of running their shops - building lowriders for customers while also crafting vehicles to face off against rivals in hop contests. Because in the lowriding game, winning equals business - with tens of thousands of dollars at stake in each vehicle.

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