ESPN 2 Years Ago September 19, 2019 us

The Greatest Season 1 ESPN Release Date

The tv series season The Greatest Season 1 is already released on ESPN in the USA. The upcoming ESPN release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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September 19, 2019Confirmed
The Greatest Season 1 cover art
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The Greatest Season 1

TV Series Season

The Greatest - Thursdays, Beginning September 19, 2019 Ranking the all-time best uniforms, rivalry games, voices, and "What Ifs?" among other subjects, this 11-episode series will feature a wide range of Top 11 lists (it is football, after all) spanning the history of the sport. However, The Greatest is about more than rankings, with each episode's countdown serving as the foundation for storytelling focused on the memories, breakthroughs, and personalities that have defined college football's remarkable history. Making the choices for each list is an 11-member ESPN jury, who will debate and discuss the candidates before revealing their verdict.

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