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The Dash Release Date

The headphones The Dash is already released on First Release in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
First Release
January 2015Confirmed
First Release
January 2015Confirmed
The Dash cover art
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The Dash


Music is a part of everyone's life. It brings joy, excitement and motivation. However it is not always a pleasure listening to music with headphones. Cables tangle, pull at the headphones and ultimately break. In addition, accessing online content from a smartphone is awesome but needing to carry a smartphone all the time can be a real pain. The Dash consists of a pair of discrete and completely wireless stereo earphones.They will playback music through a Bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. Everything about the design is focused on delivering freedom of movement, incredible sound and comfort. The Dash is awesome for sports and great for everything else. The Dash works in sympathy with the wearer. Movements like pace, steps, cadence and distance are tracked. Heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent are measured, all the while real time acoustic feedback is provided. It even works without an attached smartphone.

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