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The Big Trip


A goofy stork delivers a baby panda to the door of a grizzly bear named Mic-Mic. It turns out that the stork got the wrong address, and Mic-Mic has taken it upon himself to deliver the baby panda to its real parents all the way in China. On their trip, the two are joined by a moose, a tiger, a wolf, a pelican, and a rabbit who all earn their keep because they can stop the baby panda from crying its eyes out. One light-hearted yet strenuous and tedious adventure through oceans, rivers, and deserts later, the group finally land in China and return the baby.

The Big Trip release date for DVD January 14, 2020 2 Months Ago (US)

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The Big Trip was released on DVD 81d ago in the US.
January 14, 2020Confirmed
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