SUZUKI SC100GX Whizzkid cover art

SUZUKI SC100GX Whizzkid

Classic Car

Launched as the two-cylinder Cervo in Japan during 1977, the Whizzkid started out as a coupé version of the Fronte Kei-Car, but ended up being transformed when it came to the UK at the end of 1979 by the fitment of a 970cc four-cylinder. Well-equipped and surprisingly sprightly, it’s no surprise that these baby racers have become something of a cult car, even if the values seldom match the interest these cars generate. But with a mere 4096 imported into the UK, and rust being a killer, demand for the SC100GX Whizzkid is definitely on the rise.

SUZUKI SC100GX Whizzkid release date TBA (US)
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The SUZUKI SC100GX Whizzkid release date is to be announced on Hatchback.
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