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Superpowerful Bonanza Release Date

The boardgame Superpowerful Bonanza is already released on IndieGoGo Limited Edition in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
IndieGoGo Limited Edition
October 2014Expected
IndieGoGo Limited Edition
October 2014Expected
Superpowerful Bonanza cover art
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Superpowerful Bonanza


Superpowerful Bonanza is a handmade cardboard/spruce-wood multilevel three-dimensional board game developed by You Tube's Homemade Game Guru. The game features a new line of comic book superheroes competing to save their city from five super villain bosses. Each hero character has an origin story and mission to complete (explained in an accompanying one-shot comic book). The game play was inspired by classic side-scrolling video games like Double Dragon and Contra. Players compete to gain as many points as possible before taking on each level's villainous boss. Each boss has a complete deck of cards to fuel their strength, speed and intelligence points. Once a boss is reached, a player must duel card-to-card and hope they have the right combination of points to win. Even before players reach the level boss, they must combat minor enemies and deal with civilians (which can help or hinder the mission). Each of the 5 levels plays slightly different from the rest.

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