Android & iOS 6 Years Ago August 14, 2014 uk

Spellfall UK Release Date

The game Spellfall is already released on Android and iOS in the UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
August 14, 2014Confirmed
August 14, 2014Confirmed

In Spellfall, you play a hero who casts magical spells to defeat evil monsters. Spells are cast by matching elemental spell tiles on a match-3 puzzle board. Match three fire tiles to cast a fire spell. Match three water tiles to conjure a water spell. Connect four or more matching tiles to inflict even mightier damage. Each monster match-up includes and increasingly challenging puzzle board. Defeat the evil beasts lurking in the forest and you will be rewarded with better weapons, powerful gear and magical powers. You’ll need this awesome alchemy to conquer the fierce opponents encountered later in your journey. Cast out the dark spirits and save the world from ruin!

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