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SINGER Gazelle Release Date

The classic car SINGER Gazelle upcoming Estate release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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SINGER Gazelle cover art

SINGER Gazelle

Classic Car

With the Rootes Group now in control of Singer, the marque was set to become another exercise in badge engineering, pitched between Hillman and Humber in the pecking order. However, in the new Gazelle of 1956 – a plusher version of the Hillman Minx – Singer’s 1497cc OHC engine was used at first, but was replaced in 1958 by Rootes’ own OHV unit. Saloons, estates (rare and worth 25% more) and convertibles (pay double for those) were all available. Rootes updated the Gazelle almost every year until production ended in 1967, by then it had a 1725cc engine and less curves.

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