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Sheriff of Nottingham


In Sheriff of Nottingham, players will not only be able to experience Nottingham as a merchant of the city, but each turn one player will step into the shoes of the Sheriff himself. Players declare goods they wish to bring into the city, goods that are secretly stored in their burlap sack. The Sheriff must then determine who gets into the city with their goods, who gets inspected, and who may have their goods confiscated! Do you have what it takes to be seen as an honest merchant? Will you make a deal with the Sheriff to let you in? Or will you persuade the Sheriff to target another player while you quietly slip by the gate? Declare your goods, negotiate deals, and be on the lookout for the Sheriff of Nottingham! Sheriff of Nottingham is the first game in the Dice Tower Essentials Line from Arcane Wonders.

Sheriff of Nottingham release date October 29, 2014 4 Years Ago (US)
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Sheriff of Nottingham was released 1606d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
October 29, 2014Confirmed
First Edition
October 29, 2014Confirmed
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