Switch 2 Years Ago January 10, 2019 uk

Sega Ages Out Run UK Release Date

The game Sega Ages Out Run is already released on Switch in the UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
January 10, 2019Confirmed
Sega Ages Out Run cover art
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Sega Ages Out Run


Brace yourself for the most realistic racing experience yet. And to play, you've got to have what it takes: NERVE, SKILL and BRAINS. NERVE - you're behind the wheel of a supertuned race car with one speed only: fast. SKILL - you're maneuvering a car that can nearly reach a simulated 270 KMH. BRAINS - because you're in control of your car's speed and handling at a dangerous pace, you have to use your head and not just your hands to survive. So get geared for the ride of your life and stay alert. The track may look terrific, but at these speeds anything can turn into a danger zone.

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