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In Robots on the Line, robot parts move down two conveyor belts. Players take turns pulling robot parts (heads, bases, arms, hands, batteries, antennas and magnets). Not all robot parts can be taken, however. The line you're pulling from must be switched to ON. Robot parts that aren't taken will be discarded onto the junk pile. Players can pay a dollar to go through the junk pile or they can pay a dollar to turn ON/OFF switches. As players take robot parts, they build robots in front of them. Players can build up to four robots in a game. Trading is always allowed. To finish a robot it must have a torso, a head, and a base with all other segments off the torso ended with the other parts. While you're building, you'll want to look to the buyers to meet their requirements. A requirement might be a robot with four eyes, or a robot that has no wheels, or a robot with three hands. If you meet a buyer's requirement, you sell it for money and money equals points. If you meet the bonuses, like medical, war, or cleaning, you get even more money. Buyers are out in the open and can be seen by all players, so be mindful of what other players are doing.

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