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RILEY Elf UK Release Date

The classic car RILEY Elf upcoming Saloon release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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RILEY Elf cover art


Classic Car

Continuing Riley’s adventures in badge engineering was the Elf of 1961 to 1969. It looked like a Mini on steroids, with an extended rump framed by fins and an old school Riley front end grafted on. Occupants could delight in a less spartan interior with a full-length burr walnut dash. The MkII in 1963 made use of the bigger 998cc A-series engine and Hydrolastic suspension from 1964 and the MkIII introduced winding windows, better ventilation and a remote-control gearbox. Despite selling well, the Elf was discontinued when British Leyland killed off Riley.

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