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Retro-Pixel Castles is at heart a village simulator. But, where most village simulators focus mostly on balancing your village, RPC also throws in a heavy blend of raw survival and tactical gameplay. If you could imagine a roguelike village sim, that's what this game is all about! In RPC you will lose. Endless survival is impossible, the goal is to see how long you will survive. RPC takes it's inspiration from other village management games like Dwarf Fortress and Banished and mixes them together with elements of survival games like Don't Starve with a sprinkling of some RTS elements seen in games like Command and Conquer there are even some classic Tower Defense concepts to help you bottleneck and handle the onslaught of monsters trying to kill off your poor little villagers.

Retro-Pixel Castles release date for PC TBA (US)
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The Retro-Pixel Castles release date is to be announced on PC.
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