Cinema 5 Weeks Ago August 25, 2023 us

Retribution Cinema Release Date

The movie Retribution is already released on Cinema in the USA. The upcoming Cinema release date in the UK is confirmed to be 2023. You can watch this movie on Cinema in the UK this year.

Release Dates

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August 25, 2023Confirmed
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Liam Neeson headlines 'Retribution', an enthralling, race-against-time thriller that ensures audiences are buckled in for a high-speed journey of redemption and retribution. The plot accelerates when a cryptic caller plants a bomb under the car seat of Matt Turner, portrayed by Neeson, triggering a frantic chase across the city as he is forced to complete a series of specified tasks. With his children held captive in the back seat and a bomb set to detonate if they exit the vehicle, an ordinary commute spirals into a perilous life-or-death scenario. Matt is compelled to heed the stranger's progressively treacherous directives in a desperate bid against the clock to save his family.,
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