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RENAULT R8 Saloon UK Release Date

The classic car RENAULT R8 upcoming Saloon release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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RENAULT R8 cover art


Classic Car

Renault persisted with a rear-engined layout for the 8, the successor to the Dauphine. Unveiled in 1962, it was an altogether more angular car. The 956cc engine was larger than before, suspension was independent all around, and there were disc brakes on each wheel...which certainly wasn’t usual for most cars of this class at the time. They were more justified on faster, more powerful versions such as 1964’s 8-1100 – also known as the 8 Major – with 1108cc, and the 8S of 1968, which could boast 53bhp and had a quad-headlamp front to show off its sportier pretensions.

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