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Police Squad! Season 1

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Police Squad! was a parody of the Quinn Martin Productions' police dramas of the 1960s and 1970s, hence the use of "In Color" by the narrator. The show's main staple of entertainment came from sight gags (such as a tow truck being a truck in the shape of a big toe) and misunderstandings in dialogue, mostly from people taking things extremely literally. Several great routines came from these misunderstandings that left characters in the scene very confused, but left the audience with loads of humor.

Police Squad! Season 1 release date for Blu-ray April 14, 2020 6 Weeks Ago (US)

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Police Squad! Season 1 was released on 6d ago in the UK and the US.
April 14, 2020Confirmed
May 25, 2020Confirmed
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