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PLYMOUTH Road Runner/Superbird Release Date

The classic car PLYMOUTH Road Runner/Superbird upcoming Sport release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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PLYMOUTH Road Runner/Superbird cover art

PLYMOUTH Road Runner/Superbird

Classic Car

Perhaps the most famous of all the Amercian muscle cars, the Road Runner and Superbird earned their legendary status even as they rolled off the production line. The Road Runner was fully backed by Warner Bros and even boasted a ‘meep meep’ horn, while the astonishing looking Superbird had genuine NASCAR heritage. The Superbird was as fast as it looked – its 440cu in Hemi developed 425bhp and if you were brave, a top speed that approached 150mph. However, the less than inspiring brakes and soft suspension mean this is not a car for British B-roads.

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