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  • National Geographic

Parched will take a hard-hitting look at a crisis that affects billions worldwide and is increasingly cause for concern among Americans — a future where fresh drinking water is alarmingly scarce. With the recent plummet in California's water supply, America is being hit with a stark reality: Overpopulation, compounded by global warming and intense industrial draining of the water supply, could leave us all dried up. Parched takes a definitive look at the water wars that are now upon us, investigating the corporate, political and social interests that are responsible for our water-limited future. Parched will delve into issues such as privatization, factory farming, energy extraction and chemical dumping, examining both the science and politics behind the water wars.

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Parched Miniseries release date for National Geographic March 21, 2017 9 Days Ago (US)

Release Dates

Parched Miniseries was released on National Geographic 9d ago in the US.
National Geographic
March 21, 2017Confirmed
National Geographic

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