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Pandemic (Scott Sigler)


The alien intelligence that unleashed two horrific assaults on humanity has been destroyed. But before it was brought down in flames, it launched one last payload - a tiny soda-can-sized canister filled with germs engineered to wreak new forms of havoc on the human race. That harmless-looking canister has languished under thousands of feet of water for years, undisturbed and impotent . . . until now. Days after the new disease is unleashed, a quarter of the human race is infected. Entire countries have fallen. And our planet's fate now rests on a small group of unlikely heroes, racing to find a cure before the enemies surrounding them can close in.

Pandemic (Scott Sigler) release date January 21, 2014 6 Years Ago (US)

Release Dates

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Pandemic (Scott Sigler) was released 2197d ago in the US and the UK.
January 21, 2014Confirmed
January 21, 2014Confirmed
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