iOS 7 Years Ago April 9, 2014 us

Pahelika: Revelations Release Date

The game Pahelika: Revelations is already released on iOS in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
April 9, 2014Confirmed
April 9, 2014Confirmed
Pahelika: Revelations cover art
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Pahelika: Revelations


The player begins the game as Sudesh Budkoti, adventurer extraordinaire, whose sleep has recently been plagued by a persistent nightmare. Unable to sleep, Sudesh decides to investigate the reason behind the nightmares. In doing so, he finds something that is far, far sinister than a mere nightmare... The player will embark on a quest that will culminate with a magical battle that will decide the fate of the world. Along the way the player will visit an ancient wizard tower, an old library infested by a ghost, an inventors home, a dark wizard academy and a monastery.

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