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Otter Dynasty Season 1 Release Date

The tv series season Otter Dynasty Season 1 upcoming Discovery release date in the USA is confirmed to be 2022 and the upcoming Discovery release date in the UK is to be announced.

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Otter Dynasty Season 1 cover art

Otter Dynasty Season 1

TV Series Season

Once declared locally extinct from Singapore in the 1970s, the adorable smooth-coated otter has since made a comeback where an estimated 120 otters now call this exciting city "home." Since their return from local extinction, multiple otter family clans are scattered across the island and just about every group is determined to reside in the prime otter real estate of Marina Bay. The catch? There's only enough space in this key location for one dominant "royal" family to have access to the finest food, best shelter, and safest location to raise a family. In this urban wildlife story, audiences will be mesmerized as three urbanized otter clans make it their business to fight for their turn to be on top while continuing to adapt to their concrete jungle.

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