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New Dawn

  • Kickstarter Edition

Twenty years after the Alliance was formed, the cost of constructing new space stations is becoming unbearable. In order to improve the economy, the Alliance has decided to rebuild and recolonize some of the planets and space facilities who were abandoned during the war. By activating them once more, the Alliance is hoping to acquire the much needed funds and resources. In New Dawn – a thematic sequel of Among the Stars and part of the Among the Stars Universe series – players take the role of Alliance officials. Their assignment is to explore and revive a galactic sector. By developing various technologies and dispatching ambassadors, each player has the chance to visit abandoned planets, military facilities and space stations and establish bases to maintain control. Competition is fierce, and each mistake in maintaining control can cost dearly...


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Release Dates

New Dawn was released 817d ago in the UK and the NO.
Kickstarter Edition
Kickstarter Edition
November 2014Expected
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