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Mysteries of the Abandoned Season 2

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A Cold War anti-ballistic missile complex in the desolate plains of North Dakota. A Utopian city in Brazil built by Henry Ford. A prison complex in Cuba that once held Fidel Castro. These and other strange, yet fascinating engineering marvels that are merely shells of what they once were, are brought back to life with advanced CGI modeling in season two of the popular Science Channel series, MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED, premiering Tuesday, March 20th at 9PM ET/PT. MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED features stories behind some of the world's most amazing engineering wonders, why they were built, and why they were eventually left to crumble. These structures stood at the cutting-edge of technology when they were built, but today they are deserted, relegated to the annals of history. Each story highlights the people who designed the structures, their significance, and why they were ultimately deemed to be no longer of any use.

Mysteries of the Abandoned Season 2 release date for Science March 20, 2018 14 Months Ago (US)
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Mysteries of the Abandoned Season 2 was released on Science 427d ago in the US.
March 20, 2018Confirmed
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