September 2013 10 Years Ago uk

myIDkey Standard UK Release Date

The device myIDkey is already released on Standard in the UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
September 2013Confirmed
myIDkey cover art
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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go. When you need it fast, simply speak. After unlocking your myIDkey with a finger swipe, you can simply press and hold the microphone button and speak into your myIDkey to quickly recall and see that important number, date or whatever personal data is needed in a flash. Whether wirelessly connected to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, or when directly plugged into your desktop or notebook PC via USB, myIDkey autofills your credentials for any site. With complete password management that is also protected by your fingerprint, you never have to remember another password again! Plus, myIDkey can automatically generate unique passwords for further protection - all of which is easily managed with the myIDkey app.

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