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Megagame - Of Gods and Men

  • Leeds (UK) Event

This is the second run of the game 'Of Gods and Men' - a megagame set in and around Ancient Greece during the semi-mythical Heroic Age. Historically, this is roughly to the period when Mycenaean society was flourishing in Greece and the Aegean. Culturally, it is a formative phase of Greek civilization, to which many look back in search of inspiration and insight; a time when the known world was thought to be dominated by powerful but capricious gods, when legends spoke of exceptional superhuman individuals achieved remarkable feats far beyond the scope of ordinary folk, and when rich and powerful kingdoms laid the foundations of a civilization which would endure for millennia to come. In this megagame there will be three main groups of players, each with their own challenges and aims, Rulers of City States, Wandering Heroes and Capricious Gods. The City State must overshadow its rivals in trade and warfare, the Heroes must fulfil quests and defend cities in battle, and Gods ... well Gods must be appeased, lest their vengeance be terrible...


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Megagame - Of Gods and Men release date TBA

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Megagame - Of Gods and Men was released 868d ago in the UK.
Leeds (UK) Event
Leeds (UK) Event
October 11, 2014Confirmed
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