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Massive Chalice PC US Release Date

The game Massive Chalice is already released on PC in the USA.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
September 28, 2014Confirmed
Massive Chalice cover art
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Massive Chalice


In May 2013, Massive Chalice became the focus of Double Fine's second Kickstarter campaign, after Broken Age (formerly known as Double Fine Adventure) in 2012. The Double Fine team had learned from their mistakes on the first kickstarter and opted to not show as much exclusive material to backers, as this created a rift between the backers and non-backers, as well as members of the press. Kickstarter backers influenced the development of the game when the ability for same sex marriage was added to the game after a number of requests. Brad Muir stated that backer input before development was one of the advantages of Kickstarter, since a feature such as this might not have been thought about until the game was almost completed, making it harder to implement. He also went on to state that if the game was made under a traditional publisher agreement, the publisher might not have allowed the feature to be added to the game in order to avoid controversy.

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