8 Years Ago April 15, 2014 us

L'Orange Release Date

The music L'Orange is already released on The Orchid Days in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
The Orchid Days
April 15, 2014Confirmed
The Orchid Days
April 15, 2014Confirmed
L'Orange cover art
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Dedicated to originality, L’Orange imbues his smoky, soul-soaked tracks with lush texture through inventive mixing and psychedelic cuts from classic radio recordings. A shopworn MPC and vintage vinyl are essentially paintbrush and palette for L’Orange. He finds his signature samples from pre-1950s jazz, soul and radio. He stitches together a sound that acknowledges his penchant for classic film noir and shadowy motifs. L’Orange albums are often cinematic and narrative in structure, exemplifying the artist’s highly conceptual creative process.

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