LANCIA Aurelia B24 Spider cover art

LANCIA Aurelia B24 Spider

Classic Car

In 1954, to coincide with the arrival of the fourth series cars, the most desirable of all the Aurelias (unless you carry passengers), the B24 Spider, was unveiled. Although its front end styling was similar to the B10 and B20 GT from front wheels back, it was radically different. The wheelbase was shortened by 203mm and Pininfarina produced the sensational coachwork. Production was limited, although many cars have survived – but with higher market values to match their elevated styling and engineering. In the end, the Spider name was rather short-lived.

LANCIA Aurelia B24 Spider release date TBA (US)
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The LANCIA Aurelia B24 Spider release date is to be announced on Convertible.

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