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LAGONDA 2.6/2.9 UK Release Date

The classic car LAGONDA 2.6/2.9 upcoming Convertible release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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LAGONDA 2.6/2.9 cover art

LAGONDA 2.6/2.9

Classic Car

Lagonda’s 2.6 was introduced in 1946, just before David Brown took the company over to combine it with Aston Martin. A smaller car than pre-war Lagondas, WO Bentley designed its engine and chassis. The latter was advanced for the time, with all-independent suspension. Bodies were saloon and drophead coupé, the latter now worth more than twice the quoted saloon prices. Metamorphosed into a 2.9-litre in 1953, with the same chassis, a larger bore engine well-proven in competition, and a body penned by Tickford.

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