DVD 5 Weeks Left July 27, 2021 us

Keeping Faith Season 3 DVD Release Date

The tv series season Keeping Faith Season 3 upcoming DVD release date in the USA is confirmed to be Tuesday July 27th and the upcoming DVD release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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July 27, 2021Confirmed
Keeping Faith Season 3 cover art

Keeping Faith Season 3

TV Series Season

For most of her life, Faith has managed to keep a relatively low profile. After recently giving birth, she's expecting to maintain even more of a mellow existence for a while. As a lawyer in a small town, she can afford to do so. But when her husband goes missing, suddenly her entire life is thrown into turmoil, and into question. She's forced to wonder whether or not she actually knew the father of her child. Although he was her business partner, it quickly becomes obvious that he had a lot more going on than he revealed.

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