Cinema 10 Months Ago December 1, 2022 us

Kayara US Release Date

The movie Kayara is already released on Cinema in the USA. The upcoming Blu-ray, DVD and VOD release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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December 1, 2022Confirmed
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In the history of the Incas, the Inca Messengers (Chasquis), were fast, strong and only men… until Kayara! A beautiful and athletic 16-year woman, Kayara is destined to be the first female to break into the exclusive league of official messengers of the Incan empire. When faced with her first opportunity to compete in the Messenger Race in front of the Incan Emperor, she dresses as a man at first, but when her true identity is revealed and she is on the edge of being punished, she is applauded by the young prince, Huscar, a childhood friend. In collaboration with her quest, he creates a new Law that women can also serve as Chasqui Messengers. As she learns what it takes to be a Chasqui along with its challenges, she succeeds in every mission and discovers the ancient stories of her land and her people. However, one day her trust in a mentor backfires when she is captured by Spanish Conquistadors and must make the big decision to protect the land that she has grown up in or share the secret location of the Golden City with her captors.

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