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JAGUAR E-type S3 V12 Roadster Release Date

The classic car JAGUAR E-type S3 V12 Roadster upcoming Convertible release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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JAGUAR E-type S3 V12 Roadster cover art

JAGUAR E-type S3 V12 Roadster

Classic Car

Although it’s been criticised for being too much of a tourer, and not enough of a sports car, the E-type Series III still has massive appeal. The front-end styling with its prominent chrome grille lacks the grace of the earlier cars, and the suspension of these later cars was softer, but as Jaguar was looking towards the American market with, this was on message. The V12 was only 36kg heavier than the straight-six, and handling balance wasn’t too drastically affected. In Europe, it became unsaleable overnight in the aftermath of the 1973 energy crisis.

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