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Impact is an archaeological card game for two or more players. The main goal of each player is to use game cards inspired by the world of archaeological science and collect so called scientific points. The first player who reaches the required amount of scientific points wins the game. Obtaining those points depends on the abilities of individual cards (and their combinations), that are used for construction of gaming decks. These cards are divided into five main card types. A player can play artecafts, archaeological sites, scientists, event cards and cards of so called written sources. Cards are also divided in unique and non-unique categories (unique means that you can play a card just once, non-unique cards can be played multiple times) and temporary (especially event cards) and permanent cards. Every player owns his or her own constructed deck, whose construction and the ability to defeat an opponent depends clearly on his or her combinational skill and his or her own inventiveness.


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Impact was released 1107d ago in the UK and the NO.
First Edition
First Edition
February 11, 2014Expected
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