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HUMBER Super Snipe I-VA UK Release Date

The classic car HUMBER Super Snipe I-VA upcoming Saloon release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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HUMBER Super Snipe I-VA cover art

HUMBER Super Snipe I-VA

Classic Car

As was Rootes’ way, the final generation of Humber Super Snipe continued with the practice of using the less powerful, less luxurious Hawk as its basis, but giving it more power (and two more cylinders) plus some extra class-conscious touches. The original 1958 Series Super Snipes had a 2651cc six-cylinder engine, this rose to 2965cc the following year. For 1960 the nose was smartly restyled with quad-headlamps, one of the first British cars to have this arrangement and something never bestowed upon the Hawk. The final Super Snipes were built in 1967.

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