Android & iOS 10 Years Ago February 4, 2014 us

Great Martian War US Release Date

The game Great Martian War is already released on Android and iOS in the USA.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
February 4, 2014Confirmed
February 4, 2014Confirmed
Great Martian War cover art
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Great Martian War


The Great Martian War is a cinematic and immersive endless runner based on the scripted drama of the same name that aired on HISTORY late last year in the UK and Canada. Playing as Gus Lafonde, a skillful scout and brave soldier determined to survive the Martian invasion, the player navigates vast battlefields—evading land mines, artillery strikes, tanks and terrifying Martian war machines. Along the way, Gus must collect rations and Victisite (the living metal that powers the alien machines) to unlock power-ups and complete his mission.

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