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Ginormous Food

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  • Food Network

Food fanatic Josh Denny is on a quest to find the greatest, tastiest and hugest meals in Ginormous Food, premiering Friday, January 6th at 8pm ET/PT on Food Network. Follow Josh over six half-hour episodes on his culinary journey through Baltimore, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, Philadelphia and Richmond, as Josh meets the passionate people who come up with these innovative creations to find out what makes them so enormous and delicious, while sinking his teeth into these culinary monsters. Whether it is a 14-pound bagel leviathan overflowing with smoked salmon and white fish salad, a stack of hot chicken tenders layered between a tower of four fried cheese sandwiches all topped with baked apples, or a heaping stack of pancakes that clocks in at 30 pounds, Josh's ultimate goal - to find the intersection of huge and delicious, while taking down every Ginormous Food America has to offer.


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Ginormous Food release date for Food Network January 6, 2017 6 Weeks Ago

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Ginormous Food was released on Food Network 45d ago in the US.
Food Network
January 6, 2017Confirmed
Food Network

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