expected September 21, 2014 9 Years Ago uk

Futurology (Deluxe Edition) UK Release Date

The music Futurology (Deluxe Edition) is already released on CD, Vinyl, iTunes, Spotify and MP3 in the UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
July 7, 2014Confirmed
April 28, 2014Confirmed
September 21, 2014Expected
April 28, 2014Confirmed
July 7, 2014Confirmed
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Futurology (Deluxe Edition)


12th studio album by the Welsh alternative rock group. Featuring the single 'Walk Me to the Bridge' the album debuted at #2 in the UK Albums Chart. 1. Futurology 2. Walk Me to the Bridge 3. Let's Go to War 4. The Next Jet to Leave Moscow 5. Europa Geht Durch Mich - Manic Street Preachers feat. Nina Hoss 6. Divine Youth - Manic Street Preachers feat. Georgia Ruth Williams 7. Sex, Power, Love and Money 8. Dreaming a City (Hugheskova) 9. Black Square 10. Between the Clock and the Bed - Manic Street Preachers feat. Green Gartside 11. Misguided Missile 12. The View from Stow Hill 13. Mayakovsky 14. Blistered Mirrors 15. Empty Motorcade 16. The Last Time I Saw Paris

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