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FORD Zephyr/Zodiac MkIV US Release Date

The classic car FORD Zephyr/Zodiac MkIV upcoming Saloon release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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FORD Zephyr/Zodiac MkIV cover art

FORD Zephyr/Zodiac MkIV

Classic Car

The Zephyr and Zodiac range had grown consistently with every new reincarnation but, for the MkIV, things just went over the top. With their enormously long bonnets and short, stubby ends, the 1966-72 range looked like aircraft carriers on wheels... and handled in a similar way. V-configuration engines were featured throughout; the Zephyr 4 had a 1996cc V4, the Zephyr 6 had a 2495cc V6 and the meaty Zodiac weighed in with a 2994cc V6. Top of the range was the Jaguar wannabe Executive model, loaded with occupant-pampering goodies and gadgets.

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