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FORD Pilot V8 US Release Date

The classic car FORD Pilot V8 upcoming Estate release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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FORD Pilot V8 cover art

FORD Pilot V8

Classic Car

The V8 Pilot was the British Ford flagship immediately postwar. In essence it was an amalgam of the pre-war V8-62 model body with a new 2.5-litre engine. This proved not quite up to the task of propelling such a large lump of metal around, so the old and lazy 3622cc V8 that Ford used in so many wartime military vehicles came out of retirement. Despite the size of its engine, its power was just 85bhp, giving this lumbering but bulletproof beast a top speed of 83mph. Despite this, it proved popular as a police car.

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