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Fleming Season 1 Episode 1

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In 1938, Ian Fleming is a playboy, eclipsed by his late war hero father and successful brother. While propping up the bar at a jazz club, he meets Ann O'Neill, a socialite. Unlike many of his conquests, Ann is more than a match for him. She already has a husband and a lover. Fleming finds solace in the arms of a beautiful dispatch rider named Muriel. Following a frosty morning-after encounter with Muriel, Fleming's domineering mother secures him a job assisting Naval Intelligence's Admiral John Godfrey.

Fleming Season 1 Episode 1 release date January 29, 2014 5 Years Ago (US)

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Fleming Season 1 Episode 1 was released 2136d ago in the US.
BBC America
January 29, 2014Confirmed
BBC America
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